2022 Faculty Awardees

Bridging Grant Recipients

Kinsey, William (KUMC)

Fertilization-induced maturation of cortical ER clusters in oocytes; impact of maternal age

Neufeld, Kristi (KU)

Roles for Adenomatous polyposis coli in colon injury prevention and wound healing

Slusky, Joanna (KU)

Machine Learning to Accelerate De Novo Enzyme Design

Wang, Zijun (KU)

The role of DNA damage and repairs in opioid addiction


Core Facility Recipients

Douglas, Justin (KU)

KU NMR Software and supplies

Lundquist, Erik (KU)

Service contracts on the Illumina NextSeq550 and MiSeq sequencing systems

Luthi, Andrea (ESU)

Upgrade a Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Parnell, Stephen (KUMC)

Acquisition of triple-block PCR machine for genotyping animals with PKD Rodent Models and Drug Testing Core

Schneegurt, Mark (WSU)

Microscopy Imaging Core at WSU


Developmental Research Project Award Recipients

Baral, Pankaj (KSU)

Neuroimmune Interactions in the Development of Neonatal Pulmonary Immunity


Diehl, Maria (KSU)

Effects of Social Interactions on the Neural Circuits of Fear and Avoidance

Mentor: CAIN, MARY

Plakke Anderson, Bethany (KSU)

An exercise intervention to drive brain plasticity and facilitate cognition in a rodent model of autism

Mentor: CAIN, MARY

Pyaram, Kalyani (KSU)

Role of Anti-Oxidant System in Effector T-cell Proliferation, Programming and Immune Pathologies


Unruh, Kathryn (KU)

Cortical-striatal correlates of restricted and repetitive behaviors in autism spectrum disorder



Partnerships for Translational Research Training Award Recipients

Sundar, Isaac (KUMC) and Castro, Mario (KUMC)

DIsolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles as novel circulating biomarkers in asthma


Recruitment Package Recipients

Davis, Lindsay (LU)

Prétôt, Laurent (PSU)