2022 Post-doctoral Award Recipients

Cerbin, Stefan (KU)

Genome-wide measurement of DNA transposable element excision and insertion using pooled, longread sequencing

Lansdon, Patrick (KU)

Genetic Examination of Variation in Microbial Pathogen Susceptibility in Caenorhabditis elegans

Ma, WenJuan (KU)

Single-nucleus RNA sequencing to uncover sperm developmental alterations during spermatogenesis due to genetic conflict in Drosophila

Montezano, Daniel (KU)

Exploring Uncharted Regions of Protein Space in the Design of De Novo Barrels

Moreno, Ayelen (KUMC)

PLAC1 Regulation of Invasive Trophoblast and Uterine Spiral Artery Development

Pant, Anil (KSU)

Role of Nrf2 in glutamine-dependent asparagine metabolism during T- cell proliferation

Shafer, Robin (KU)

Sensory feedback and electrophysiological markers of sensorimotor impairment across the autism spectrum