2020 Post-doctoral Award Recipients

Aatish, Fnu (KUMC)

Role of LncRNA and associated miRNA(s) in HIV mediated smooth muscle hyperplasia

Budiardjo, Jimmy (KU)

Designing peptide-based inhibitors of bacterial efflux pumps

Chauhan, Deepika (KSU)

Identification of genes from non-Lpn Legionella sp. that facilitates innate immune detection

Eller-Smith, Olivia (KUMC)

Satellite glial cell modulation of nociceptor response properties

Hill, Thomas (KU)

Understanding host-virus coevolution and viral trade-offs using a Drosophila DNA virus

Shukla, Vinay (KUMC)

Role of WNT Signaling in Trophoblast Cell Differentiation and Placental Disease