2021 Post-doctoral Award Recipients

Dominguez, Esteban (KUMC)

Role of TFAP2C in trophoblast cell and placental development

Everman, Elizabeth (KU)

Linking genomic, physiological, and behavioral responses to copper stress

Jamadar, Abeda (KUMC)

The role of myofibroblasts in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Lansdon, Patrick (KU)

Genetic Examination of Variation in Microbial Pathogen Susceptibility in Caenorhabditis elegans

Medley, Jeffrey (KSU)

Regulation of microRNA strand selection in vivo

Perlmutter, Jessamyn (KU)

Evolving mutualism: Rescue of a host embryonic development defect by a parasite

PunchiHewage, Achala (KU)

Regulatory role of nuclear hormone receptors in oligodendrocyte progenitor cell differentiation and myelination

Xu, Xuan (KSU)

Identifying Factors that Influence the Ability of POLI to Act as a Prognostic Factor in Cancer

Zhang, Xiaoyu (KUMC)

Defining the nutrient signal for mammalian meiotic initiation