2021 Faculty Awardees

Bridging Grant Recipients

Azuma, Yoshiaki (KU)

Role of chromosomal protein remodeling function of PICH in chromosome segregation

Biswas, Indranil (KUMC)

Arginine phosphorylation and its role in physiology of streptococci

DeKosky, Brandon (KU)

Molecular identification and precise therapeutic targeting of anti-insulin B cells in Type I diabetes

Kalamvoki, Maria (KUMC)

Intercellular communication through the stimulator of interferon genes STING during herpes simplex virus 1 infection

Macdonald, Stuart (KU)

A Drosophila Resource for the Genetic Analysis of Complex Traits

Pickens, Charles (KSU)

Compensation in goal-direction action after prior acute dysfunction or prior drug seeking

Sharma, Madhulika (KUMC)

Targeting Notch signaling in HIV associated Nephropathy


Core Facility Recipients

Abrahamson, Dale (KUMC)

KUMC Electron Microscopy Laboratory (EMRL) and Confocal Imaging Facility (CIF)

Larson, Melissa (KUMC)

Gel Documentation System for CRISPR-based Molecular Biology Applications

Lundquist, Erik (KU)

Service contract for the BioRad ddPCR system in the KU Genome Sequencing Core

Sun, Mingjing (ESU)

Upgrade a Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Tomich, John (KSU)

Biotech and Proteomics Core Lab

Weinman, Steven (KUMC)

Support the purchase of a replacement -80 degree freezer for the Liver Center Biorepository core


Developmental Research Project Award Recipients

Baral, Pankaj (KSU)

Neuroimmune Interactions in the Development of Neonatal Pulmonary Immunity


Diehl, Maria (KSU)

Effects of Social Interactions on the Neural Circuits of Fear and Avoidance

Mentor: CAIN, MARY

Holwerda, Seth (KUMC)

Vascular dysfunction in insulin resistance and obesity


Lee, Sonny (KSU)

Modulating intestinal microbiome to promote microbiota and immune system co-development


Plakke Anderson, Bethany (KSU)

An exercise intervention to drive brain plasticity and facilitate cognition in a rodent model of autism

Mentor: CAIN, MARY

Pyaram, Kalyani (KSU)

Role of Anti-Oxidant System in Effector T-cell Proliferation, Programming and Immune Pathologies


Unruh, Kathryn (KUL)

Cortical-striatal correlates of restricted and repetitive behaviors in autism spectrum disorder



Partnerships for Translational Research Training Award Recipients

Hendry, William (WSU) and Bur, Andres (KUMC)

Developing a Human Patient "Avatar" System Particularly Relevant to Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)


Recruitment Package Recipients

Phelps-Durr, Tara (FHSU)

Watanabe, Masakatsu (FHSU)

Wu, Haifan (WSU)