Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence

Pilot Grant Recipients

Pilot Awards Yr 17*

PI University Title
Avasthi, Prachee KUMC Identifying pathways mediating MAPK phosphatase-dependent flagellar assembly
Markiewicz, Mary KUMC The role of NKG2D in controlling autoimmune diabetes development through effects on the microbiome

Pilot Awards Yr 14*

PI University Title
Fields, Timothy KUMC Identification of Pathogenic Macrophage Secreted Factors that Promote PKD Progression
Li, Tiangang KUMC The role of adipose Sortilin 1 in the regulation of glucose metabolism in diabetes
Pritchard, Michele KUMC The role of M2 macrophages and connective tissue growth factor in congenital hepatic fibrosis

Pilot Awards Yr 13*

PI University Title
DiTacchio, Luciano KUMC JmjC Lysine Demethylase JARID1a in circadian control of energy metabolism
Lee, Phil KUMC Quantification of morphological changes in the human brain with multiple sclerosis
Levine, Steven KUMC An intervention of Krabbe disease

Pilot Awards Yr 12*

PI University Title
Saadi, Irfan/Dasouki, Majed KUMC High throughput discovery of craniofacial birth defect genes by exome sequencing

Pilot Awards Yr 11*

PI University Title
Balusu, Ramesh KUMC Anti-Nucleophosmin 1 targeted therapy for human acute myeloid leukemia
Cirstea, Carmen KUMC Neural predictors of post-stroke recovery
Choi, In-Young KUMC Metabolic biomarkers of glioblastoma activity in living human brain

*These pilot grants were supported by a collaboration between the the Kansas INBRE and the KUMC funded CTSA program, Frontiers: The Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

Pilot Awards Yr 10

PI University Title
Berman, Nancy KUMC Does Prior Exercise Improve Outcomes After Brain Injury?
Davido, David KU-L Identifying Targets of HSV-1 ICP0-Directed Degradation
Fischer, Christopher KU-L ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodelling
Kumar, Rajendra KUMC Re-routing of Follicle Stimulating Hormone in Pituitaries of Transgenic Mice
Lamb, Audrey KU-L Transient Kinetics of Siderophore Biosynthetic Enzymes
Lundquist, Erik KU-L Analysis of Receptor Interactions in Neuronal Migration
Neufeld, Kristi KU-L Nuclear APC as a Suppresser of Inflammation-mediated Colorectal Cancer
Rongish, Brenda KUMC Computational Analysis of Cell Motility During Endocardial Morphogenesis
Smirnova, Irina KUMC Stimulating Insulin Secretion from Large Islets with HTS: New Drugs for Diabetes
Stanford, John KUMC Dietery Fat, Alpha-synuclein and Dopamine Depletion in the Substantia Nigra
Vanden Heuvel, Gregory KUMC Cux1 and Cell Cycle Regulation in Polycystic Kidney Disease
Vediyappan, Govindsamy KSU Small Molecule Inhibitors for Candida albicans Yeast-to-hyphal Transition
Visvanathan, Mahesh KU-L Database development project related to pending CIMI Male Infertility U54 Proposal
Wang, Weiqun KSU Mechanism of Cancer Prevention by Weight Control

Pilot Awards Yr 8

PI University Title
Bruses, Juan L. KUMC Cell Adhesion Receptors in Neuromuscular Development
Dentler, William KU-L Identification of ciliary microtubule capping proteins
Nguyen, Thu KSU Anticancer Effect of Substituted Quinolines via GJIC
Paul, Soumen KUMC GATA Factors and Trophoblast

Pilot Awards Yr 7

PI University Title
Chang, Kyeong-Ok KSU Bile Acids in the Replication of Hepatitis C Virus
Huan, Jun KU-L Cellular Pathogen Gene Identification via Graph Data Mining
Michel, Kristin KSU Transcriptional Profiles of Anopheles Gambiae Hemocytes
Nothnick, Warren B. KUMC AEBP-1 and Ovarian Physiology
Singh, Chingakham R. KSU The Role of RNA-Binding Initiation Factors in Protein Synthesis
Tang, Liang KU-L High Resolution Structure of the Type III Secretion System
Vivian, Jay L. KUMC Generation and Analysis of a Mouse Model of Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome
Von Ohlen, Tonia KSU Identification of Transcriptional Targets of Ind
Wei, Qize KSU Pitx2-Regulated Genes in Left-Right Development and Cardiac Morphogenesis
Wright, Douglas E. KUMC Role of Myelinated Cutaneous Axons in Diabetes-Induced Proprioceptive and Balance Deficits

Pilot Awards Yr 6

PI University Title
Andrews, Glen KUMC Functions of Zinc Transporters in the Pancreatic β-Cell
Berman, Nancy KUMC Estrogen & ERK Activation in Trigeminal Neurons
Bousfield, George WSU Glycan Inhibition of Gonadotropin Receptor Activation
Chebloune, Yahia KUMC Modification of CAEV to Enhance Induction of Encephalopathy, Modeling HIV Disease
Fields, Patrick KUMC Sprouty-1 and Sprouty-2 in Autoimmune Diseases
Mitchell, Kathy KU-L The Role of K Channels in Neuronal Differentiation of Umbilical Cord Stem Cells
Mitchell, Kathy KU-L Regulation of Oct4 an Nonog Expression by Hypoxia in Umbilical Cord Stem Cells
Welti, Ruth KSU Comprehensible Analysis of Human Plasma Lipids as Potential Markers of Disease
Zhu, Kun Yan KSU Characterization of Two Distinct Chitin Synthases in Mosquitoes
Zolkiewski, Michal KSU Molecular Switches: A Novel Sub-Family of AAA+ ATPases
Zufferey, Rachel KSU The Role of Secreted Lipases in the Pathogenesis of the Human Parasite Leishmania

Pilot Awards Yr 5

PI University Title
Asano, Katsura KSU Studies on Human ElF5 and its AAV-Interacting Ortholog
Christenson, Lane KUMC Generating Oocytes from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Clem, Rollie KSU Apoptosis as an Anti-Viral Response in Mosquito Midgut
Dai, Guoli KUMC Pregnane X Receptor (PXR) Activation and Liver Regeneration
Fang, Jianwen KU-L Computational Prediction of Beta-Sheet Arrangement
Kumar, T Rajendra KUMC Approaches to Study Gonadotrope Biology
Mora, Silvia KSU Insulin Regulation of IRAP Trafficking
Rongish, Brenda KUMC ECM Dynamics During Embryonic Axis Patterning
Schermerhorn, Thomas KSU Protein Kinase A Mediated Phosphorylation of Flotillin 1
Suprenant, Kathy KU-L Cellular Defects of a Modified Dystrophinopathy
Wang, Li KUMC Function of SHP in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis
Wright, Doug KUMC Role of Muscle Afferent Input in Restless Legs Syndrome

Pilot Awards Yr 4

PI University Title
Brown, Susan KSU Tissue-Specific cDNA Libraries in Tribolium Castaneum
Dai, Guoli KUMC RXR Alpha Regulatory Network Controlling Xenobiotic-Induced Heparocyte Proliferation
De Lisle, Robert KUMC Role of Muclin in Exocrine Pancrease Function
Godwin, Alan KUMC Role of Zebrafish Hox13b in Pregastrulation Embryos
Lundquist, Erik KU-L Dbl-Homology GTP Exchange Factors and Axon Pathfinding
Ramaswamy, Sonny KSU Signal Transduction from Juvenile Hormone to Ion Pumps
Son, Deok-Soo KUMC Ovarian KC Chemokin
Vanden-Heuval, Gregory KUMC Cux-1 and the Notch-Signaling Pathway
Vivian, Jay KUMC A Phenotypic Screen of Chemically Mutagenized Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells
Werle, Michael KUMC Utrophin Promoter Activation in Muscular Dystrophy
Ye, Qizhang KU-L HTS assays for discovering methyl transferase inhibitors

Pilot Awards Yr 3

PI University Title
Gustafson, Kathleen KUMC The Effects of Maternal Smoking on Fetal Neurophysiology
Hua, Duy KSU Amelioratioin of Amyloid-Beta Neuronal Toxicity
Levant, Beth KUMC Neural Mechanisms of Restless Legs in Rodent Model
Rogers, Christopher WSU Avian Ecology and West Nile Virus Spread
Shah, Jyoti KSU Lipid Compositioinal changes in host defense

Pilot Awards Yr 2

PI University Title
Asano, Katsura KSU Control of Translation Initiation in Fission Yeast
Brown, Susan J. KSU Structural Genomics of the Tribolium HOMC
Burns, Dennis H. WSU Selective Bacterial Membrane Receptor for Antibiotic Use
Crupper, Scott S. ESU Inhibitors of Staphylococcus Aureus MurA1 and MurA2
Friis, Elizabeth A. KU Development of Analog Soft Tissues for Mechanical Models
Gehrke, Stevin H. KSU Elastin-Mimetic Triblock Gels for Diverse Biomedical Use
Groutas, William WSU Design of a Novel Dengue Virus Protease Inhibitors
LeVine, Steven M. KUMC Human ApoE 4 in CNS Demyelinating Diseases
Lushington, Gerry KU Quantum/Classical Prediction of Nerve Agent Toxicology, Prophylaxis and Medical Therapeutics
Rozell, Tim KSU Pilot: FSH Receptor Variants in Bovine Follicles
Wilson, Sara E. KU Vibration, Proprioception, and Low Back Disorders

Pilot Awards Yr 1

PI University Title
Berman, Nancy KUMC Pilot Project: Strategies to Improve the Outcome of Brain Injury in Aging
May, Jeffrey WSU Disruption of Ovarian Developmental Gene Expression
Picking, William KU-L Subversion of Eukaryotic Cell Signaling by Shigella
Sarras, Michael KUMC Role of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Tissue Regeneration
Todd, Scott KSU Function of CD81-PGRL Complex on T Cells
Urbauer, Jeffrey KU-L Alginate Production/Virulence in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa