Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence

Core Facility Award Recipients

Core Facility Awards Yr 17

PI University Title
Beck, James WSU Bioinformatics Stimulation for PUIs
Kobayashi, Yass FHSU Purchase of a table top refrigerated centrifuge and repair of an analytical microbalance
Lundquist, Erik KUL Partial support for service contract on Illumina HiSeq 2500 High throughput sequencing system
May, Jeffrey WSU Fisher Scientific Isotemp -86C Ultralow freezer

Core Facility Awards Yr 16

PI University Title
Kandt, Greg FHSU Fort Hays State University Department of Health and Human Performance
Larson, Melissa KUMC Labstamp Tattoo Systems for Animal Identification Services
Lundquist, Erik KU-L Service contract for the Hiseq2500 in the genome sequencing core
Ratzlaff, Kenneth KU-L Obtaining better signals: Spectrum Analyzer
Williams, Todd KU-L Plug and Play Nano Separation Upgrade for High Performance Mass Spectrometry Protein Data Acquisition
Yang, Yixin ESU Acquisition of Mouse Room Bedding Disposal Station

Core Facility Awards Yr 15

PI University Title
Avasthi, Prachee KUMC Acquisition of ElectroKinetic In Vitro Transfection System
Douglas, Justin KU-L Automated NMR Data Analysis Software
Kobayashi, Yass FHSU Acquisition of Thermocycler and laboratory computers for Biomedical Undergraduate Research Group
Larson, Melissa KUMC Acquisition of Stereomicroscope and Isoflurane Vaporizer for Dedicated Surgical Suite for Embryo Transfer Surgeries with Refined Aneshtesia Delivery Apparatus

Core Facility Awards Yr 14

PI University Title
Larson, Melissa KUMC Upgrades for a Surgical Suite for Genetic Modification Procedures
Wang, Xinkun KU-L Acquisition of a High-Throughput Tissue Homogenizer for Preparation of Genome Sequencing Samples
Werle, Michael KUMC Motorized Stage Kit for Leica Confocal Microscope & new workstation to analyze images from the Leica confocal microscope
Yang, Yixin ESU SteamScrubber glassware washer; Repairing NanoDrop 2000 spectrophotometer

Core Facility Awards Yr 13

PI University Title
Beck, Moriah WSU Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) upgrade based on the CIBOR Confocal Microscope
Douglas, Justin KU-L A new probe for the 500 MHz NMR
Kobayashi, Yasuhiro FHSU Acquisition of Spectrophotometer, Plate reader, ChemDoc Gel documenation system
Simons, Kim ESU Acquisition of Centrifuges manufactured by Beckman-Coulter and Fisher-Thermo Scientific
Yang, Eric ESU Acquisition of Tissue Embedding Workstation and Microtome

Core Facility Awards Yr 12

PI University Title
Clem, Rollie KSU Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch Real Time PCR System and a Nanodrop ND-2000 spectrophotometer for use in the Molecular Detection Core Facility in the KSU Division of Biology
Vivian, Jay KUMC KUMC Transgenic Facility Procurement and optimization of a PhiC31-mediated platform for rapid in vivo transgenesis in the mouse
Yankee, Tom KUMC Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory Acquisition of a 552 nm laser to the BD LSR II
Yao, Li WSU Inverted Microscope, Nikon Fluorescence System, Digital Imaging System, Motorized Stage

Core Facility Awards Yr 11

PI University Title
May, Jeff WSU Roller Bottle Incubator
Yang, Yixin (Eric) ESU Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) System
Williams, Todd KU-L Computer Resource Upgrades for High Performance Mass Spectrometry Data in Protein Analysis

Core Facility Awards Yr 10

PI University Title
Crupper, Scott ESU Acquisition of an AKT purifier system for protein/peptide purification
Fang, Jianwen KU-L Acquisition of hardware/software for KSCREEN, a HTS data management and analysis system
Wimalasena, Kandatege WSU Acquisition of an Inverted Phase-contrast/fluorescent microscope with a  data handling system for live cell imaging

Core Facility Awards Yr 9

PI University Title
Fang, Jianwen KU-L Data storage, analysis and mining capability for Next-gen sequencing
Larson, Melissa KUMC Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Insitutional Facility
May, Jeffrey WSU Fluroescence Microplate Reader
Spooner, Brian KSU Lab Animal Care Core Facilities Enhancement
Welti, Ruth KSU Sample preparation improvements at the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center (KLRC)

Core Facility Awards Yr 8

PI University Title
Chen, William KU-L Transgenic & Knockout Mouse Facility Proposal
Hendry, William WSU Light Microscopy Upgrade for the Cell Imaging Core Facility (Phase 3)
Vander Velde, David KU-L Acquisition of Data Analysis Capability for NMR-Based Metabolomics on Biofluids and Cell Extracts
Wang, Xinkun KU-L Genomics Facility Upgrade for Whole-Genome Genotyping (PCR System/Thermal Cycler)

Core Facility Awards Yr 7

PI University Title
Butnev, Vladimir WSU Molecular Biology Core Development
Clem, Rollie KSU Walk-In Enviromental Chamber
Fang, Jianwen KU-L Web Server for Tracker, an Automated Literature, Protein/DNA Sequence and Domain Tracking System
Klaassen, Curtis KUMC Analytical Core Laboratory Research Staff Support
Larson, Melissa KUMC Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Institutional Facility
McCarson, Kenneth KUMC Rodent Behavior Facility

Core Facility Awards Yr 6

PI University Title
Fleming, Sherry KSU Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory
Klaassen, Curtis KUMC Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry
May, Jeffrey WSU Digital Microscope Camera
Smith, Peter KUMC Rodent Behavior Facility Research Staff Support
Welti, Ruth KSU Kansas Lipidomics Research Center Analytical Laboratory at KSU
Werle, Michael KUMC Confocal Imaging Facility

Core Facility Awards Yr 5

PI University Title/Description
Barohn, Richard KUMC GCRC
Bousfield, George WSU Protein Sequencer Upgrade for High Through-Put Glycopeptide Sequencing
Crupper, Scott ESU HPLC System, Microplate Reader
Jia, Li WSU Glycomics: Collaboration Facilitation and Oligosaccharide Structure Database
Mora, Silvia KSU Beckman Liquid Scintillation Counter Model LS 6500

Core Facility Awards Yr 4

PI University Title
Barohn, Richard KUMC GCRC Kitchen
Jia, Li WSU Bioinformatics and Glucomics
Smith, Peter KUMC Rodent Behavior
Spooner, Brian KSU Laboratory Animal Care Services Facility Enhancement
Welti, Ruth KSU A Database for Lipidomics
Werle, Michael KUMC Confocal Microscope
Xu, Wenhao KUMC Improvement of Transgenic and Gene Targeting Infrastructure and Technologies

Core Facility Awards Yr 3

PI University Title/Description
Bousfield, George R.  WSU Replacement of Dionex High PH Liquid Chromatograph for Carbohydrate Analysis
Grose, Michael  KU-L PCR Machine
Horvat, Rebecca KUMC Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) Facility Equipment
Lushington, Gerald KU-L Scalable Oracle Database Server for Laboratory Information Management
May, Jeffrey  WSU Real-time PCP Thermal Cycler
Munson, Eric  KU-L NMR Probe
Ratzlaff, Kenneth KU-L Test Equipment Enhancement: Network Analyzer
Reed, Greg KUMC Core Chromatography Laboratory Liquid handling unit PC and software
Vander Velde, David KU-L Quadruple Nucleus Probe for 400 MHZ NMR
Welti, Ruth KSU Kansas Lipidomics Research Center Analytical Laboratory
Werle, Michael KUMC Confocal Service Contract
Williams, Todd KU-L HPLC for Lipidomics, Proteomics and Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry in a Core Laboratory

Core Facility Awards Yr 2

PI University Title/Description
Abrahamson, Dale KUMC Ultracentrifuge
Alterman, Michail KU-L Biochemical Research Service Laboratory Equipment & Software
Bousfield, George WSU Amino Acid Analyzer Upgrade to Enable Proteomic Analysis
Clem, Rollie J. KSU Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with Microtiter Plate Reading Capability
Eichhorn, David M. WSU Oxford Cryosystems Low-Temperature Apparatus
Hanzlik, Robert KU-L Peptide Synthesis
Hendry, William WSU Light Microscopy Upgrade for the Cell Imaging/Tissue Culture Core Facility (Phase 2)
Ratzlaff, Kenneth L. KU-L Test Equipment Enhancement: High Performance Oscilloscope
Smith, Peter KUMC Digital Video Core Facility for Kansas Biomedical Researchers
Smith, Peter KUMC Bioinformatics Software Package for Year 3 & 4
Vander Velde, David KU-L Upgrade to Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter Temperature Capability
Werle, Michael KUMC Confocal Microscope Service Agreement

Core Facility Awards Yr 1

PI University Title/Description
Alterman, Michail KU-L Knexus Suite Software, Server
Hendry, William WSU Light Microscope Upgrade
Vander Velde, David KU-L Dell Workstations, Licenses, Installation & Assembly
Werle, Michael KUMC Confocal Service Contract
Ye, Qizhuang KU-L Fluorescence Plate Reader